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Browsing On Your PC Using Airtel's Blackberry Subscription

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If you are familiar with internet subscriptions, then you will know that the normal PC subscriptions offered by our network providers are not that pocket friendly. The cheapest airtel internet bundle for PC is the airtel plus plan, which gives you 3GB of data valid for 30 days at a cost of N5,000. There is also another plan for smartphone users that gives you 1GB of data also valid for 30 days at a cost of N3,000. This fee isn't affordable for some individuals. It seems however that the blackberry bundles are cheaper.

For instance, airtel offers 1GB data at a cost of N1,200 on their blackberry social plan. Why not subscribe for this blackberry plan and use it on your computer instead? Yes i know you are about to ask whether it works. My answer is YES IT WORKS. So rather than spending N3,000 for 1GB of data, you can spend only N1,200 for the same volume of data. They also have a blackberry complete plan where you pay N1,400 for the same 1GB of data. The difference between these plans is only seen if you are using it on a blackberry phone. You don't have to subscribe for the blackberry complete plan because the blackberry social plan is cheaper and works just fine on PC.
To activate this, simply
1) Recharge your line with N1,200 worth of airtime.
2) Send a text message containing "BSM" but without the quotes to 440.
3) You should get a text message from airtel confirming that your subscription is successful.
4) If you are using an airtel internet modem, simply connect and start browsing. If you are using a different modem, then you have to create an access point using the following settings
Profile name: Anything you want eg Airtel internet
Dial-up number: *99#
Username: internet
Password: internet
Save the profile and connect with it.
If you use up the data before the month ends and you want to subscribe again, simply send a message containing "deactivate" (without the quotes) to 440 before you resubscribe.
To check your remaining data, dial *141*11*0#.
In my subsequent posts, i will post how to achieve the same using glo and MTN. So stick around.

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