Saturday, 19 January 2013

Browsing on Your PC Using MTN Blackberry Subscription


I have described in my earlier posts how to make use of both aitel and glo blackberry subscriptions to access the internet on your computers. This post will describe how to go about it using MTN blackberry subscription. Unlike airtel and glo, that of MTN is achieved with the aid of special softwares, known popularly as VPNs. VPN stands for virtual private network.
Several of such VPN exists. Some of them include pdproxy, tweakwarevpn, tunnel guru, sandwich vpn, and so on.
These VPNs require you to subscribe before you begin to enjoy their services and the cost of this subscription varies among them. The cost of subscription varies from N500 to about N1200. However, most of these VPNs are owned by non-Nigerians and thus accept payment in dollars. You can go about making this payment using liberty reserve or paypal. The one owned by a Nigerian is tweakwarevpn and you can pay through his bank account or via liberty reserve also. The one however that i currently use is tunnel guru. They offer very good services with a high degree of stability.
To make use of it,

  1. For 1 month BIS,load N1500 worth of airtime and send "BBC" to 21600. For 1 week BIS, load N500 worth of airtime and send "BBCWEEK" to 21600. (Ignore the quotes).
  2. Create an account with any of the VPNs that you want to patronize. The settings that you input on the VPN client software differs from VPN to VPN, most especially their various servers. These settings can be obtained from their websites also.
  3. Create an access point on your modem interface using the following settings:
           dial-up number: *99#
           username: web
           password: web

To make payments for the non-Nigerian owned VPNs, create an account at liberty reserve and fund the account using exchangers such as, and others. If you want my assistance with the subscription (for tunnel guru only), leave a comment below (you could include your email address) and i'll get back to you.

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