Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Browsing on Your PC Using GLO Blackberry Subscription

In my last post, i discussed the procedures to follow in order to be able to browse on your laptops or PCs using airtel's blackberry plan. In this post, i will post how to achieve the same thing using glo blackberry subscription. It is worth noting that glo's blackberry plan is cheaper than that of airtel in the sense that with glo, you get 3GB of data with N1,200 whereas airtel gives you only 1GB of data for the same amount.
To activate this plan,
  1. Recharge your line with N1,200 worth of airtime
  2. Send a message containing "Somonth" without the quotes to 777. You should receive a message from glo stating that your blackberry plan is activated or is pending. If you get the message that the activation is pending, then you are in luck because whatever you browse and download during the period that the activation is pending doesn't get added to your alloted 3GB.
  3. After the subscription, create an access point with the following settings:
          profile name: Anything eg glo bolt
          dial-up number: *99#
          leave every other field blank. Then save and connect.
If you want to check how much data you have left as well as the expiry date, simple send "status" without the quotes to 777.


  1. But i hear that they are blocking everybodies sim that are using this mediums of browsing right now. Is it true or false? Pls counsel me in this regard.

  2. What glo did was to stop the plan from working on non-blackberry devices.


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