Saturday, 23 February 2013

How To Free Up Internal Memory On Your Android Phone

A lot of android phone users are faced with a common problem: how to increase the size of the internal memory of their phones. Although some of the phones come with the feature of allowing applications to be installed directly to the sd card or allowing already installed ones to be moved to be sd card, others may require the use of extra apps such as app2sd. Even if you are able to keep your apps on the sd card, you will notice that the available space on the internal memory of the phone keeps reducing due to the data files and cache files generated by the apps while they run. When the space gets to about 20Mb, you start getting low memory warnings. I have seen people complain of this problem and i didn’t want to wait until i was faced with it too before doing something about it. So i did a little research and discovered a solution. In this solution, the apps and their data or cache files are also moved to the sd card thereby freeing up your internal memory. To achieve this, you need the following: