Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Blackberry to make BBM compatible with Android and iOS mobile platforms

BlackBerry Messanger (BBM), the most popular mobile messaging service before the advent of whatsapp, and which had been previously limited to just blackberry phones, will now be made available to other mobile platforms such as android and iOS. This means that once it is implemented, you no longer need to own a blackberry phone in order to make use of the BBM chat application.

The first version of the multi-platform BBM will give android and iOS users access to the following features:
  • The immediacy of BBM chats
  • Multi-person chats
  • Voice note sharing
  • Blackberry groups
Do you think this is a welcome development? Or will it help to put a nail in BlackBerry's coffin since a lot of people make use of BlackBerry phones solely because of it?

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