Monday, 20 August 2012

Access Point Settings For Internet Service Providers

In my previous posts, i discussed how to unlock both Huawei and ZTE modems to make them universal. Having made them universal, you need to manually create access points for the different network providers since the interface the modem came with will contain the settings for only the network that the modem was locked to. In this post, I will give the different settings for the different GSM networks.
The table below gives the different settings for the different networks.

GSM Network Profile Name APN Access Number Username Password
MTN MTN 3G *99# web web
Etisalat Etisalat Easyblaze easyblaze *99#
Etisalat Etisalat internet etisalat *99#
Airtel Airtel 3.75G *99# internet internet
Glo GLO HSI gloflat *99# flat flat
Glo GLO secure glosecure *99# secure secure

You can give the profile name anything you want. You'll notice that GLO network has two access points indicated. The "gloflat" is used when you have an internet bundle active. The "glosecure" is used when you don't have an active internet bundle and you'll be charged at 5 kobo/KB. I'll advise you not to browse using this access point unless you're on a mobile phone as it'll drain your credit. Etisalat also has two access points, both of which work fine. So you can use any one you wish.


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