Sunday, 12 August 2012

Deciding On Which Internet Modem To Buy

There are several network providers in the country, each of which have different qualities of service depending on your geographical location. While a network may have an excellent service in a particular location, the same may not be said for another location. Also, the various networks offer their internet services at different rates which may or may not be convenient to you. Now, considering the fact that these modems are most of the time (if not always) locked to one particular network, it becomes vital that you make a careful decision on which internet dongle you buy. I know you may be thinking if you buy an internet dongle locked to a particular network and then somewhere along the line you decide that you are no longer satisfied with the quality of the service you are receiving from them, you will have to spend money all over again buying another dongle. I am telling you that you do not have to worry about that anymore. How do you do that? Don’t worry. Just continue reading.

There are however some modems which are not locked to any particular network. These are popularly known as universal modems. You just simply buy the SIM card of any network you desire and slot it into the modem, create an access point for the network you desire and start surfing with it. While most people decide to go for this particular type of modem, I advise against it. Why? In my experience, some of them are not as good as the ones locked ones sold by the network providers.The signal strength it  receives may not be as strong as the one you get when you use a ‘locked modem’. Also, the cost of some of these universal modems is greater that that of some of the locked ones. Considering these factors, what am I then suggesting?
I am simply suggesting that you buy one of the ‘locked modems’ and get it unlocked. This way, you get a universal modem of better quality. Some of the computer experts charge a fee for this but you can do this yourself. You only need a few softwares to achieve this. In my subsequent posts, I will give the names of these softwares, links to download them and a guide on how to use them. So stick around.

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