Tuesday, 22 October 2013

BBM finally released officially on Android and IOS

About a month ago (on the 21st of September to be precise), BBM was scheduled to be made available on Android operating system as well as on IOS. On that day, millions of people all over the world waited in anticipation for its release. A version of BBM was however leaked on android before the official roll out of the BBM by Blackberry Limited. This resulted in some android users making use of the instant messaging app when it had not yet been released on Google playstore. It was made available on apple store in some countries for a brief period of time before Blackberry decided against making it available on all the platforms and in all locations.

This resulted in the app being taken down from apple store, although those that were able to download it within the limited time it was available on apple store could continue using it while the leaked version stopped working. Blackberry decided to work on how to prevent the leaked version from working as they claimed it had a negative impact on their servers. The official roll out was then fixed for a later date. This date has turned out to be the 21st of October.
Before it was released, prospective users were advised to go to and enter their email addresses in order to be among the first to be informed of its release date. Now that the app has been released and can be downloaded from playstore and apple store, getting it to work is where a little problem may be encountered, at least for those without a blackberry ID and who did not submit their email addresses on the website. It turned out that those emails that were submitted were sort of activated prior to the release of BBM. If you have downloaded BBM and just submitting your email address for the first time during the sign up process, you will have to wait for some time as the emails are now being activated on a first come first serve basis.
For android users, you can download it from playstore using this link. Bear in mind that it only works on phones running on Android 4.0 and above.

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